Documentary Evidence Relating to
Stephen Davis & Jeff Busch


[to come -- CT Marriange License]

NYC Domestic Partnership Certificate #168, March 4, 1993

NYC is one of the few cities that has formal DP registration; essentially it means that Jeff and I can visit one another in hospital, heaven forbid, and we would have inheritance rights to a rent-controlled apartment if only one of us had one...

"Wedding Certificate," April 24, 1993

This was from the 'mass wedding' at the MOW, in front of the IRS, along with a thousand other choked-up same-sex couples. Just like those Moony marriages, but with more designer clothes. Strange scene.... half-crackpot, half-brazen and half-deeply-moving. (Yeah, that's 150%, I know, but it was kinda like that.) The mythical Reverend Troy Perry did honors (could that be his real name?); altogether a stirring ceremony, and more political than religious, thank God. Jeff's sister Lisa 'gave him away' [to me!], witnessed the event, shed tears, photographed, and was our gracious surrogate extended family...

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